Katherine Hill


Katherine’s background as a stylist spans a few decades of both time and trends in fashion and hair design. As a result she brings a unique blend of classic and contemporary style to her clientele. Because of her artistic interest in the ever-changing world of beauty, Katherine is committed to acquiring new skills and refining techniques to offer her clients the most current styling and color choices.

Trained in the essential elements of design and the value of color, Katherine’s desire in the application of her skills is to view each woman’s individual uniqueness and to enhance that beauty. Using the tools of her trade Katherine attempts to create a complimentary fit of individual preferences and desires with each client’s personal assests and lifestyle. To create a result that is both flattering and functional is her goal.

Katherine’s faith-walk is genuinely woven into her personal business philosophy and expressed not only in the enhancement of exterior beauty, but beyond the reflection in the mirror to the personal value and care of each guest…which is why she joined the gifted and dedicated team at Beyond Reflection Salon.